Friday, December 31, 2010

mini book

Here I leave 2010 and you with a mini book I did for a good friend of mine
Enjoy... and here is to more craftiness in 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Advent Calendar

Found this great blog of Laura Bray! She has the most amazing advent calendar! I am for sure doing this next year.

For starters she found an advent house and re-did it to suit her.... then instead of candy... she put strips of paper in the days... for example... watch a classic holiday movie or go see Santa... or make a ginger bread house.

She also has these cute little bits of paper on her blog where you can download them.
Go check out her blog... I know its a bit late this year... but you can do the last 5 days...

I know I am for sure doing this next year... I even have an advent house calendar that Rex and Tyler found that needs a little fixin' up...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Im a paper hoarder

Yes, I am a paper hoarder... I hoard all kinds of scrap goodies... in fact I have a storage unit full of scrappy goodness, that I can't even get to right now... and I have an addiction to buying supplies... all that yummy looking paper and embellies... who can blame a girl right?

please read Homegrown Hospitality, she is a paper hoarder too...

And since she can say it! SO CAN I!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap

Here is a recap of our Halloween...
Zoe was a fairy... she looked so cute
Tyler was Domo.. and was a hit!! All the little girls were "OH LOOK ITS DOMO!" People were even taking pictures of him... some little kids thought he was a chocolate bar.. which was cute... and some said he was a fudge-cycle... that was funny!!

We went to Bountiful Main Street - for treats in the streets..
Then we went up the hill to a near by neighborhood for some trick or treating...and it was on the cold side but not bad at all... but it started POURING!! Then it was cold...
We went home and ate some chili and cornbread and waiting for the rain to stop.
Once the rain stop Zoe went out again but with her dad and Tyler, Rex and I went around our neighborhood... WEIRD!!! The rain must of ran everyone off... we had 6 tricker treaters at our door and no one was answering their doors.... it was really spooky and one was out... it was like a scene from a horror film.... So we went back home and Zoe came home, and watched Blindside as a family...

All and all I would have to say it was a great night!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I want to make this

I so want to make this... it is so cute...
Go to "She wears flowers" for instructions... it such a cute blog ... lots of good ideas...

I hope mine turns out just as cute!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really again?

WOW... I can't believe I won something again!! And a GYPSY no less... oh man!!! EXCITEMENT!!! Not sure exactly what it does... but I know you can use it with your cricut machine...and I can't wait to try it!

I have 3 winners!!

Well can't get any better than this!! There will not be 2 winners of the Gypsy's - there will be 3!! How exciting and generous is that!!

So without further ado -

the 3 random winners are...
And U Jest said... oh wow... what a giveaway!

My whole week last week, was like this... I sure hope more weeks like this are in the future! I do have pictures to post of a mini book I made... it turned out adorable... I will get those posted tomorrow...

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I actually won a blog giveaway.... I always try.... and this is the 2nd time ever in like 4 years... YEAH!!!
Check out her blog... Scrapping Daze...
I just recently found this blog and love love love her layouts....

Well today is Saturday... and the Alabama game is on today... and my poor DH has to work... so we will be recording it and having an Alabama PJ party tonight with all the kids.... hamburgers and the works... Should be fun... I hope to get a few pictures....

But, until then its clean the house, laundry and scrap! I am working on another commissioned book... and 8x8 this time... and then I have another book after that I am commissioned for as well... So I have enough to keep me busy for a little while....I will take pictures and post soon.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoe's first day

KINDERGARTEN...........WOW!!! My baby is growing up way to fast!
Here are a couple of pictures... she started August 23rd...for one hour, then they had assessment testing during the week...we went on Thursday for about 30 mins... then she started her "real" kindergarten this week...(these photos are from 8/23/2010) these pics are from my phone... she was so excited to go to her new school and on her first real day she came home just excited and said "it was AWESOME!" words I like to hear! She has a really nice teacher... and can't wait for Zoe to be learning all sorts of new things.... I signed up to volunteer in her class as well... so we will see what they have me doing.... and of course I signed up for room mom...crazy me!!! I don't have pictures of the boys... but they are going to new schools as well. Tyler seems to like his school more and more everyday... and Ryan..I'm not sure yet.. his high school is a math and science high school and he says the work is hard... so we will see....but I know he can do it... he is such a smart kid! Well that is it for now... TTFN Cheryl

Monday, August 30, 2010

Giveaway here

Little Red Rocket Blog is having a giveaway!
Make sure you check it out and get in on the fun!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're back from California

Well here I am with a few of my good friends Helen and Nanci.... I am already missing California... and wishing I had gotten a chance to see a few more people and a more pictures as well... I can kick myself in the butt for not getting a picture of Camille and I....

Anyways...Here is an overview of our two weeks in California:

Our adventure started out with a week of Little League baseball tournaments in Elk Grove CA... my son's team won the Utah State Champion Tournament and the Elk Grove tournament was the next step to the little league world championships.... unfortunately we came in 4th... but not bad for a group of 10 year old boys! I am really proud of Tyler!

From there we visiting my Grandma in Chico and spent a day with her...also say my Uncle Daniel, and my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Doug as well... I was a really nice visit..just not long enough...

Then we took of to San Fransisco...I have not been there since I was like 3 months old... so that doesn't count for being there in my book... so on the way there we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and took a tour... stopped in Berkley to see my Cousin Kerri and got to meet her long time boyfriend... then off to Castro Valley to see another Aunt and Uncle - Margaret and Ron... they were so kind to open there home to use and give us shelter for two nights. Which gave us the chance to spend a day at the wharf and pier 39. San Fran was crowded... so we didn't get to see much else... so I have made a list for when we go back. And before we left we got to see Kerri and Ric...again which was nice.... at a great little breakfast place in Berkeley.

After that we took the long way down the coast to the OC to see my parents and friends... then to get Zoe... and then back to Utah... wow what a long trip. Did I mention we drove over 3200 miles???

I'm still downloading a fixing photos... will have them soon...

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Giveaway

Found this blog today Easily distracted.... with a little give away....
Go check out her blog.... its really cool to get a look at what someone is doing across the globe...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Rex and I are happily married for 1 whole year now....Can you believe it?

We had a laid back Fourth of July... since we had a few sick people that weekend.... but even through being sick we did fireworks... and had a good time... Zoe was so excited to do fireworks!!! And I was smart to do a pot roast in the crock pot... no cooking!!! YEAH!

anyways heres an update....

Sara is in California now and is getting signed up for SCC... she wanted to move back to be with her friends and I miss her very much!

Ryan is going to summer school and taking BIO Chem classes...

Tyler is playing all-stars (baseball) and is in the first seat for the state playoffs....

And Zoe is enjoying preschool!

My friends Lola and Hy were just passing through Utah on their way home and we got dinner with them and really enjoyed seeing them... I really miss all my friends in California...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts for Wednesday

-have a broken tooth
-I want to see Prince of Persia and others
- want to rent Dr. John
-Wish there was something good on TV to watch
-Im at work
-need to make time to scrap
-I need to get a watermelon...sounds yummy right now
-I bought a new pair of pants last night
-is it bad I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my family?
-18 yr old girls are as hard as everyone says
-I don't care if flip flops aren't good for my feet, I love them, k?
- tried the snack size mcFlurry and it was yummy
-miss watching true blood
-what's the hot toe nail colours for summer, why don't I know?
-Do we have enough little pet shops around the house?
-are Katy Perry and Zoe Deschanel the same person?
-I really like reading "beach novels"
-I need to get out and walk more... Camille where are you?
-I miss MY FRIENDS!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

$100 Giveaway is givingaway a $100.00 gift card to : CSN Stores.

Go check out her blog to participate...

Have a good SaturdayTTFN
Cheryl Rodda

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another blog hop

Found this over at Homegrown Hospitality's blog...

Calling all Blog Hoppers...BIG PRIZE!!!!!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Cameron Blazer of Cottage Industrialist has generously designed free, patterned "calling cards" you can customize and print. Add your contact information, keep some in your bag, and pull them out at the perfect moment. They're even designed to fit on Avery's standard perforated business card stock. Click on link to get...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog hop with prizes

Ok... was just out in blog land... and there is a cool blog hop going on right now....
Head over to Stephanie Ackerman's blog... and check it out...
Make sure you do... there are more prizes if you go over and read her blog...GOOD LUCK!!!

Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks is soooo excited to team up with Suzi Blu, Jennifer Priest, Stephanie Ackerman, Corina Nielsen, AND Elena Etcheverry for a fun "click-ity click, hop-ity hop, bounce-ity bounce" through blog land!! CAN YOU SAY "BLOG HOP BABY!!"
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Have fun Hopping

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letters to Juliet

So Sara and I went to see Letter to Juliet on Sunday...... and yes I am a hopeless ROMANTIC!! This move was so cute... Loving Verona... and wanting to go to Italy more then ever now!! The scenary is just awesome.... Charlie... is just so annoying you love him....I highly recommend this movie!!! But remember this is 100% CHICK FLICK!!!

Well if you see it ENJOY IT....
And well the boys went to... but the saw McGouver... they loved it... said it was really funny!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling good

So here I am at work... just thinking how great yesterday was... not sure why..just a feeling...

I have a wonderful family that I love very much!! And I'm thankful for my recent "temp" job at the Uof U... I am really liking it...

I am also thankful...that in the bad economy...I have plenty of scrap supplies...LOL and I am actually using them... I made 4.5 mini books within the past week... I will take pics and post...
One of the mini's was the Teresa Collins Mr& Mrs kit... love it!! I have it all ready now for my wedding photos..once I print them out....HAHAHA And I made 2 spring books using her system... turned out really cute... used the dear lizzy paper in those... love that line!! So I said I made 2 right... we one was for me... and once was for a dear friend... I also made another mini book and a half... these two are very similar to each other... I was making it for a friends b-day...when Zoe came along and loved it so much she wanted one just like it... but she wanted to make it... be still my heart!! Oh I should of grapped the camera... darn... it was so cute her glueing paper to chipboard... and punching and pasting and inking.... we didn't quite finish before she went off the CA to visit... so we will have to finish when she gets back... its in bright bold colrs of red, yellow, blue etc... will be perfect for summer photos... Have lots of that paper left... so I think I will have Zoe make one for her little friend in CA that she misses so much and send it as a surprise...:)

Well... just wanted to do a short post... be back later with more and pics.
Cheryl Rodda

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 week so far

Ok... so my week so far...well my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are in town from this is the perfect week for my to do my project...
Monday: Work at the University...take the trax and frontrunner to the Woods Cross station then walk to our house from there....this is the first time I had to walk from the my legs hurt that night....did some visiting with Tina and Faye...and when Rex came home we went to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama (a buffet)... then home again...

Tuesday: Work at the University...take trax and frontrunner to woods cross station...then walked home... this time it was a little easier...but the weather was hotter home...visited again....then Rex came and got us to go to Tyler's baseball game...Tyler even pitched... and did a great job!! We were all proud!! Went home and everyone went to bed... long day... that is for sure...

Wednesday: Rex dropped me off at the University...and had his mom and sister with him... they are off to Wendover without me...insert sad face.... So for me its work for now...

That is my week so far... I have pictures... and will edit post after I download them.

Cheryl Rodda

Friday, April 16, 2010

A week of my life.

So Ali Edwards is doing a week in your life. I tried to do this last year... got through the first two days...hahaha, but now since I am on a new job and busy busy busy....I thought I would try to document this... so go check out her blog for details....
And I will be back with my life...hahah.... I am starting today....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Three

Ok... so day 3 of of University of Utah "temp" position... so far its been good... Im tired though... waking up early early early.... getting ready... getting everything ready....getting to work on time... Sara to school on time... and today I took the Trax to work... its actually nice.... didn't think I would like it...
Well short but sweet for now... here is another picture of the University for you... it is such a HUGE campus... I am really getting my walks in now...
Cheryl Rodda

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New beginnings....

Ok... so here I go... I applied to be a temp at the University of Utah until I find a permenant position here in my new state of Utah... this is a huge campus... and a little confussing to find your way around... especially with the construction going on as well....But I am sure I will be able to find my way around in no time... Also I have been working on a mini book for Tyler... about the BCS Championship game... ROLL TIDE!! I got it all done... and he really seems to enjoy it..I will take pictures and post... I have really been neglecting the whole scrapbook and picture thing... and I need to get back on track!

Well I think thats it for now... I have to go to deliver a car with the hubby today after Tylers baseball game... yes I will take pictures...
Cheryl Rodda

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Donna Salazar Giveaway

Donna Salazar is giving away some of her new product line...
Join her over at facebook...and become part of her group...

Good Luck

If you don't know who Donna is... you really need to check her out... she is a true artist...

TTFN... I will have layouts later to share
Cheryl Rodda

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sight seeing Utah

OK... well we started our day off with visiting with my Aunt Judi and my Cousin Kerri.... there were in Park City for Sundance... Rex and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with them at The Eating Establishment... From there Rex went to work and us girls did some sight seeing in Downtown SLC...

At first we drove from Park City to The Heritage place... sorry no pics...we didn't stop...then we drove through the University and the avenues...the mansions are amazing.... then we stopped at The Cathedral of the Madeline....WOW!!! It was built in 1909 and is just amazing! I wish I could of captured the colors in there....and just how amazingly beautiful it is... I will play with some pics in photo shop and post later. From there we went to the Capital of Utah... no I hadn't been yet... its such a beautiful building and would like to expolore it further...but we were running out of time... since Judi and Kerri had a plane to catch back to California...
But what an amazing morning... and I got to spend it with some really special people! Can't wait for them to come again!
Cheryl Rodda

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My baby is 18 Today

My Baby Sara is 18 today.... I love this picture of her... she is such a beautiful girl..(and yes she took the snake bites out...YEAH!!!) We are planning on going to dinner at PH Changs... one of her favs... we did a cake a presents last night since the boys were here... She got a docking station for her iphone that has an alarm clock/charger and speakers for listening to her crazy music she loves...

Cheryl Rodda

Thursday, January 14, 2010

17 Days

Wow... 17 days into January already... and just 4 more days now until my baby turns 18...insert sad face...

have been working on my 365 photo a day project... but I missed a few days... I will have to steal pics from other family members for those days... i also did a layout... or finished it at least...and I am working on a mini book... will be back with pictures.