Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap

Here is a recap of our Halloween...
Zoe was a fairy... she looked so cute
Tyler was Domo.. and was a hit!! All the little girls were "OH LOOK ITS DOMO!" People were even taking pictures of him... some little kids thought he was a chocolate bar.. which was cute... and some said he was a fudge-cycle... that was funny!!

We went to Bountiful Main Street - for treats in the streets..
Then we went up the hill to a near by neighborhood for some trick or treating...and it was on the cold side but not bad at all... but it started POURING!! Then it was cold...
We went home and ate some chili and cornbread and waiting for the rain to stop.
Once the rain stop Zoe went out again but with her dad and Tyler, Rex and I went around our neighborhood... WEIRD!!! The rain must of ran everyone off... we had 6 tricker treaters at our door and no one was answering their doors.... it was really spooky and one was out... it was like a scene from a horror film.... So we went back home and Zoe came home, and watched Blindside as a family...

All and all I would have to say it was a great night!

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