Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog hop with prizes

Ok... was just out in blog land... and there is a cool blog hop going on right now....
Head over to Stephanie Ackerman's blog... and check it out...
Make sure you do... there are more prizes if you go over and read her blog...GOOD LUCK!!!

Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks is soooo excited to team up with Suzi Blu, Jennifer Priest, Stephanie Ackerman, Corina Nielsen, AND Elena Etcheverry for a fun "click-ity click, hop-ity hop, bounce-ity bounce" through blog land!! CAN YOU SAY "BLOG HOP BABY!!"
You KNOW you want to win great PRIZES.... each one of us has something VERY different to give-away!!
Read the directions closely to make sure YOU get a chance to win 1 of 8 different prizes!!!
To play along you must complete each of the steps in items #1 and #2 :
# 1. Become a "follower" on each of our blogs. Click on each links below then select "follow me":

Krystie Whillock (Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks) -
Suzi Blu (Le Petite Academy) -

Jennifer Priest (Hydrangea Hippo) -
Stephanie Ackerman (Homegrown Hospitality) -

Corina Nielsen (Photographer & Digi Designer) -

Scrapbook Royalty
# 2. You must leave a comment on all of our blogs.
Why? So we can ENTER YOU FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! (new followers & current followers alike will get an entry AS LONG as you leave a comment about our BLOG HOP!)

Have fun Hopping

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letters to Juliet

So Sara and I went to see Letter to Juliet on Sunday...... and yes I am a hopeless ROMANTIC!! This move was so cute... Loving Verona... and wanting to go to Italy more then ever now!! The scenary is just awesome.... Charlie... is just so annoying you love him....I highly recommend this movie!!! But remember this is 100% CHICK FLICK!!!

Well if you see it ENJOY IT....
And well the boys went to... but the saw McGouver... they loved it... said it was really funny!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling good

So here I am at work... just thinking how great yesterday was... not sure why..just a feeling...

I have a wonderful family that I love very much!! And I'm thankful for my recent "temp" job at the Uof U... I am really liking it...

I am also thankful...that in the bad economy...I have plenty of scrap supplies...LOL and I am actually using them... I made 4.5 mini books within the past week... I will take pics and post...
One of the mini's was the Teresa Collins Mr& Mrs kit... love it!! I have it all ready now for my wedding photos..once I print them out....HAHAHA And I made 2 spring books using her system... turned out really cute... used the dear lizzy paper in those... love that line!! So I said I made 2 right... we one was for me... and once was for a dear friend... I also made another mini book and a half... these two are very similar to each other... I was making it for a friends b-day...when Zoe came along and loved it so much she wanted one just like it... but she wanted to make it... be still my heart!! Oh I should of grapped the camera... darn... it was so cute her glueing paper to chipboard... and punching and pasting and inking.... we didn't quite finish before she went off the CA to visit... so we will have to finish when she gets back... its in bright bold colrs of red, yellow, blue etc... will be perfect for summer photos... Have lots of that paper left... so I think I will have Zoe make one for her little friend in CA that she misses so much and send it as a surprise...:)

Well... just wanted to do a short post... be back later with more and pics.
Cheryl Rodda