Monday, August 30, 2010

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're back from California

Well here I am with a few of my good friends Helen and Nanci.... I am already missing California... and wishing I had gotten a chance to see a few more people and a more pictures as well... I can kick myself in the butt for not getting a picture of Camille and I....

Anyways...Here is an overview of our two weeks in California:

Our adventure started out with a week of Little League baseball tournaments in Elk Grove CA... my son's team won the Utah State Champion Tournament and the Elk Grove tournament was the next step to the little league world championships.... unfortunately we came in 4th... but not bad for a group of 10 year old boys! I am really proud of Tyler!

From there we visiting my Grandma in Chico and spent a day with her...also say my Uncle Daniel, and my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Doug as well... I was a really nice visit..just not long enough...

Then we took of to San Fransisco...I have not been there since I was like 3 months old... so that doesn't count for being there in my book... so on the way there we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and took a tour... stopped in Berkley to see my Cousin Kerri and got to meet her long time boyfriend... then off to Castro Valley to see another Aunt and Uncle - Margaret and Ron... they were so kind to open there home to use and give us shelter for two nights. Which gave us the chance to spend a day at the wharf and pier 39. San Fran was crowded... so we didn't get to see much else... so I have made a list for when we go back. And before we left we got to see Kerri and Ric...again which was nice.... at a great little breakfast place in Berkeley.

After that we took the long way down the coast to the OC to see my parents and friends... then to get Zoe... and then back to Utah... wow what a long trip. Did I mention we drove over 3200 miles???

I'm still downloading a fixing photos... will have them soon...