Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines Tea

Ok... so we had our annual Valentines Tea party... here are some pictures to share:

I had a post all written out... and was trying to put the pictures in and lost it all... so now you just get pictures...because I don't want to re-write it all.  But I will say...Zoe picked out her dress to was Sara's dress at around the same age... and our neighbor did her hair, which looked so dang cute all curled.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Layout and more

I did this layout (scraplifted it) for Scrapbook Clearance Outlet with My Minds Eye products Kraft Funday “Bright Days” I thought the layout was just to darn cute and I thought Zoe's picture was just perfect for it.

Zoe like this layout so much she wants me to make the same layout for her I am..same line but in a different color... I will post it when I get it done.

I also made another "clip it up"... this one was also for the store... Dora and I were asked to host a store at local retreat (Red Rooster Barn) and we used it to house stickers on there... and now it is at the store for sale ($30.00)... It actually holds more then a clip it up and is half the price of just the lower portion of the actual clip it up... mine you get a top and bottom for $20-30 depending on the size.  Check it out:
Here are some pictures of the retreat... not the best pictures.. but hey at least I remembered to take a couple.
 I made this sign (found at thrift store for $1.50)...I pained just the middle portion with chalk board was already this blue color.
 I don't know if you can see in these pictures, but I used vintage suit cases to hold items.. as well as enamel ware and cake platters. (which all sold)
 These pictures where while we were setting up... we had a lot of fun!
I also made this for the store... and might do a class as well on it..we will see if enough people sign up.
 How cute would this wreath be with a flower and a picture of to the side (of the middle portion).
I know this is a long post... but it has been awhile...
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