Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoe's first day

KINDERGARTEN...........WOW!!! My baby is growing up way to fast!
Here are a couple of pictures... she started August 23rd...for one hour, then they had assessment testing during the week...we went on Thursday for about 30 mins... then she started her "real" kindergarten this week...(these photos are from 8/23/2010) these pics are from my phone... she was so excited to go to her new school and on her first real day she came home just excited and said "it was AWESOME!" words I like to hear! She has a really nice teacher... and can't wait for Zoe to be learning all sorts of new things.... I signed up to volunteer in her class as well... so we will see what they have me doing.... and of course I signed up for room mom...crazy me!!! I don't have pictures of the boys... but they are going to new schools as well. Tyler seems to like his school more and more everyday... and Ryan..I'm not sure yet.. his high school is a math and science high school and he says the work is hard... so we will see....but I know he can do it... he is such a smart kid! Well that is it for now... TTFN Cheryl

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Jennifer said...

Hi Cheryl!! Check out my blog for some "happy" news!! hee hee Your daughter looks so cute for her first day of kindergarten!! :)