Monday, February 1, 2010

Sight seeing Utah

OK... well we started our day off with visiting with my Aunt Judi and my Cousin Kerri.... there were in Park City for Sundance... Rex and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with them at The Eating Establishment... From there Rex went to work and us girls did some sight seeing in Downtown SLC...

At first we drove from Park City to The Heritage place... sorry no pics...we didn't stop...then we drove through the University and the avenues...the mansions are amazing.... then we stopped at The Cathedral of the Madeline....WOW!!! It was built in 1909 and is just amazing! I wish I could of captured the colors in there....and just how amazingly beautiful it is... I will play with some pics in photo shop and post later. From there we went to the Capital of Utah... no I hadn't been yet... its such a beautiful building and would like to expolore it further...but we were running out of time... since Judi and Kerri had a plane to catch back to California...
But what an amazing morning... and I got to spend it with some really special people! Can't wait for them to come again!
Cheryl Rodda

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Judi said...

I just love the day with you. YOU made it very special. I never knew Salt Lake was so beautiful. No wonder people settled there. Looking forward to another fun day with you next year too.