Monday, November 26, 2012

While checking out a new magazine called: Make It Yourself (better homes and gardens magazine)
Under the top 10 storage ideas and this was #3.
Which says:
Serve your crafts supplies in a collection of vases, mugs and cups and dishes on a colorful serving tray.  A wire carrier keeps things stable and portable.
Here are the two I made:

Although it was mentioned for storage... I didn't have enough glasses and desk supplies for these photos... but I am sure you get the idea... right?
Both of these drink holders started there life out as gold... and now one is red and one is pink... I love these drink holders... I need to find more..I want to do one turquoise now.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just a reminder.... We buy, sell and trade....and sometimes there are specific items we are looking for...
Here is a short list...just in case you have something cool and random you would like to sell or trade...

Candle sticks
old tools
Marilyn Monroe
Oil Paintings
Holiday items
Wood Furniture : Dressers, Desks, Tables, Buffets, Chairs etc...

If you think you have something cool...just give us a call or stop on by....

Remember we are open late...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween thrills:

In the neighbor hood!

Sara at work...or is it Shaggy?


Really mom... in a few hours I will be able to see without my glasses...

Our Pumpkin on his perch

No decor this year... I know...

Zoe and her friend Siciliy


Close up

Had a good night
Zoe was on her own this year... no Sara... no Tyler... no Ryan.... we hit a few houses (since she is on restriction) did main street treats in the streets and handed out candy to the few kids that came by....
Boy Halloween just isn't what it use to be when I was a kid!