Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 Minute Page Challenge

Here is my submission for our 5 - Minute Page Challenge.

...Realistically it took 10 Minutes.

...Because of the Sticker Letter Title.
If this was something ready to paste down it would have went faster.

...And adding the Cat's Eye Chalk to the Pink Daisy.
Again a ready made item would have been faster.

The Vine Stem for the Flower was extremely Simple & Quick.
I used a template and chalked it lightly and then drew a pen line to add shadow to one side.

The Journal Box was actually and ooops I corrected.
Notice How it has a thicker bottom shadow that the other sides. I ran off the egde and covered up my mistake.

Xo Lola Marie

PS - If you need more time get your submission in ...let us know.
Otherwise you have till Midnight on Friday !

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