Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I have been doing

I read this in 4 days.... wow what a rush!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!! Can't wait for the movie... even though the book is 1000 times better I am sure!!!







THIS!!! It's been 3 days since I started reading and I have

1/4 of the book left...

I just can't put it down...

I read 100+ pages night before last...

I haven't read like this since Anne Rice Vampire Series...

My daughter is reading the same serious... in fact we are on the same book... I had to go buy my own... she just wasn't finishing fast enough... HEHE!! ........
I am sure I will Be On to

THIS by tomorrow.... I am going to be so bummed

when I run out of books to read by this fabulous author!!!

But she does have another series... starting with THE HOST

I am sure I will read that until the 5th book comes out.

Well I promised you my scraproom... but I gave you books instead... so I will post my scraproom tomorrow... I am just prolonging you the pain of my messy room....

Don't forget to try and guess the ice cream flavor of my layout in my last post.... there is a RAK involved...Good Luck!!!


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