Sunday, August 31, 2008

The latest

Well here are a couple of pictures from my getting beter scrap room... I actually got some shelves out of the garage and painted them black today... and just got done hanging them at 11:30pm... I put all the glass jars with my flowers and embellies on the shelf for right now...
the wood shelve on my drafting table... was already there... i just straighted up my drafting table.. that is all.... if you look to the right you will see a great item I found at Big Lots... for just $5.00... I think I need to go back and get a couple more... right now I put all the NEW paper that I have been picking up at The Scrappin Table and The Red Bee... and of course Fun-Scrappin...
Here is a better look a the expanding 12x12 file...

When I first looked at it... I didn't think it would hold that much... but I am really suprised!!!
This would be a great little tote for a CROP!!!

Well it's just about midnight... and I am falling asleep.... besides working on this room... My oldest daughter and I worked on her room for most of the day as well... She had the typical teen age messy room... but has decided that she wanted to clean it up and start changing it.... no more metal and modern... she wants shabby chic.... let's just say right now it is somewhere inbetween....we have a ways to go to get it just right... but at least it is clean.


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