Friday, August 15, 2008

Giddy Up Cowboy

Hi Cheryl here again !

Sharing a Page from a Scrapbook Album I am working on for Donna.
Which is due in September it is down to the wire.
I've got 28 pages done so far, all double Layouts.

Here is one I am sharing with you now !

This page was designed to be flexible ...with the Photos ...yet to be taken.

It has a Travel Theme for either a Family Outting.
...Or just busy kids play.

So Multiple Vechicle Images give the pages lots of charm and a sense of Action !

This is the Left Side of our Double Page Layout.

Here is the Right Side of the Layout.

Crazy Thing here ...this Photo Flips it's self over ? Go Figure ?
...So maybe just tilt your head sideways to the right
to get a better perspective of the page.
( Don't get too Dizzy and fall of your Chair ! ).

This adorable Rocket Ship Journal Box is Lola's Favorite Element to my Page Design !

Here a Little Cowboy that adds Kids Play to the page !

Here is the Tile.
I made it bumpy to give it action for the theme.

Note I made the Bird flying away from the tree too animate the page.

More to come ...Keep your eye's peeled !

LOL - Cheryl

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