Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Endless Remodel Job

Can you believe it ...I started this remodel project in October.

First I had to clear out the room ( Which is a Hall way that leeds from the House to the Laundry Room, that ajoins my Garage Workshop ).

And since I was going to put up some Peg Board Wall Partitions ...I decided to paint them first which took and unexpected 255 hours to get done. And the Primer & Paint would take hours to dry ...draging the project out even longer that that !

Then I could patch and seal the exisitng Raw dryboard Walls & Ceiling.

Then it was now ready for paint.
Can you believe it ...It took 4 hours to pry the lids off of 5 old paint cans ...from painting my workshop 5 years ago. All of this work just becasue I couldn't find the paint swatches from before. To my Luck ...I discovered that 1 of the cans still had enough paint ... but the other color we would need to get mixed. Of course the instant match machine was broken, and the paint company had changed colors since we had it mixed last I had to settle for another color.
Which turned out to be more yellow than I liked. But would just have to do !

The walls are 2 colors with a midway wall paper border match my workshop.

I impressed myself with how cute I made the Water Heater Stand look. I wrapped a 2nd wall paper border around it ...and it came out just way too cute !

There also was this Ugly Post infront of the water heater that had been plastered and painted ...but was badly chipping. I had to scrape everything off of it. And decided to leave it bare it would look better than it did with the paint falling off !

Once I finished the Paint & Paper then I could put in the floor ...( this was so I didn't get any paint splatters on it ! ).

The hard spot was cutting out a hole from the center of a tile to wrap it around a pole by the water heater. ...And I did an awesome job ! And then to cut the right arc around the water softner !

Once the room was ready I could put up my peg board pannels to section it off... so that one half was the Laundry Room and Excercise Room.
Note the lei's are to keep us focused on why we are working out ...and to remember to make it FUN ! ( ...I still need to add a TV to this room ).

The second half of this Room has become My NEW Rubber Stamp Storage Nook. And it is now packed floor to ceiling with racks of Rubber Stamps. ( It took a whole week just to move it all in and get it organized ).
...Who would even knew ...I made such beautiful walls ...that can't be seen !
But there is still a pretty spot still when you walk in ...and of course the laundry room looks pretty too !

Well now that I am 95 % Done with my Remodel Job ...It has made a disaster out of my Workshop Space. There are big gaps with bins on the floor that used to be held up by my Rubber Stamp Storage Drawers ...and holes under the tables that had my wire paper racks on top ...that made a lot more sense when there where stamp drawers underneath them ?

So I am going to have to redesign my workshop space adjust for these gaps in my room plan. But then ...since I have to redesign ...i might as well do a top job at it ...and intiate some big changes that I have had on the back burner.

So it looks like my work is still not done !

And also ...It looks like a Bomb went off in my workshop anyway !
...After 3 Months of pileing things up in there get them out of the way while I remodel the other room. ...I can no longer see the surface of my workshop tables ...And the piles are growing up to the ceiling !
YIKES ! - Something has to be done !

So I went out today and bought more materials to get started on the 2nd half
...and I am just now starting to feel a cold coming on
...I hope I can kick it quickly ? ...And get back to work !
I am going crazy without a place to scrap ...and access to my supplies.

The best part is... that what I am planning to do should give us some extra Space in the crop room for Get Together Fun !

Xo Lola-Marie

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