Thursday, February 17, 2011

I can't belive my eyes - a few days late

Out of all the blogs out there... I got one of these... What???  Me???  Thank you A Creative Operation!

To accept, you have to tell 8 things about yourself, and pass it on to 8 other bloggers.  First the bloggers...Check out these ladies, I love their works of art, all with a unique flair all their own!!

1.  Just Us
2. Tutu's & Glue Dots
3. Scrapping Daze
4. Homespun with Heart
5. Teresa Collins
6. The art of Scrapbooking by Melissa Samuels
7. Forever and a year
8. Meaningful Menagerie

Now I have to say 8 things about me.... 
1. I can't go a day with out COFFEE!!!
2. I love my family dearly....
3. I love surfing blogs!
4. I love photography... but don't seem to be doing much of it lately.
5. I love antiques and vintage items..
6. Doing tea time is awesome!!
7. I'm a sucker for romantic movies
8. I just adore the colors, Pink, Black, Brown, Tiffany's blue and cream

Don't forget to check out these blogs...
XOXO Cheryl


Jennifer said...

Hi Cheryl!! Thank you so much for this blog award! So sweet of you! :)

Frances said...

Cheryl!!! Thank you so have soooo made my day! xoxo

Michelle Lanning said...

THanks you SO MUCH!! You made my day girl!!! HUgs!!!