Thursday, November 6, 2008

20 PAges con't

Here are a few on my faves from the class....

Again, I am so happy I was able to attend this class...
I really would want to do this again at least 4 times
a year... I would catch up so so so so so FAST!!!
Will be back later with more LO's....
And this weekend is the SCRAP CABIN in crestline
can't wait to get up the hill in the nice cold crisp
weather!!! We are going to scrap our pants off! LOL
I am sure I will come back with lots of pictures to share.

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Abigailina said...

Nice scrapbooks, you know now that Obama's President people have been talkign about making memory books...after all (not to be racist) this is the first African-American President in the history of Presidents... by the way check out my blog @ TTFN

P.S. I have the same signature on my blog too...